The Tribute Continues...

Reb Brown, who played the hero, David Ryder, isn't the world's best actor. But he is hunky. If nothing else, he's eye candy. And his bad acting works in all the right ways, adding to the comedic sci-fi cliché  that is Space Mutiny.

Reb and Cisse are apparently married, and have been since meeting on the set of this film(or were they already married? The information is scanty). I wish them much happiness.

Between the acting and the script, the clichés hit the viewer right in the face. Kalgan's maniacal laughter and melodrama strike laughter in all the right places. With lines like, "Take that, you space bitch!" and, "You meddling fool!" he puts Snidley Whiplash to shame!

The entire film is filled with clichéd one-liners and inspiring speeches.

Space Mutiny is an enjoyable low budget joke-ride of silliness. It has brightened many a dark night for me, and inspired my creative writing. The premise is a good one, even if the budget was too low to pull it off as an A-list feature.

And lastly, a tribute to MST3K. Because, in my goofiest nights, I, too, think I am a Bellerian.

May The Force be with you. Always.