Space Mutiny Cast and Crew

Who to Blame!

  • David Winters, creator, producer and director.
  • Neal Sundstrom, co-director.
  • David A. Prior, director of the Bellerian sequences.
  • Maria Dante, script writer (credited)
  • Ian Yule, script writer (uncredited)

Main Cast

  • Reb Brown as Dave Ryder
  • John Phillip Law as Commander Elijah Kalgan
  • Cameron Mitchell as Commander Alex Jansen
  • Cisse Cameron as Dr. Lea Jansen
  • James Ryan as Chief Engineer MacPhearson
  • Graham Clark as Captain Scott Devers
  • Billy Second as Lieutenant Lemont
  • Gary D. Sweeney as Ranger
  • Madyeleine Reynal as Jennera, lead Bellerian
  • Camille Mitchell as the voice of Jennera